/stæk / (say stak)

1. a large, usually circular or rectangular pile of hay, straw, or the like.
2. any more or less orderly pile or heap.
3. a number of chimneys or flues grouped together.
4. a single chimney or funnel for smoke, or a vertical pipe inside or outside a building for passing waste products down, circulating heat, or expelling exhaust gases.
5. Geology a column or pillar of rock, isolated from the shore by the erosive action of waves.
6. Colloquial a great quantity or number: *What if our sense of justice is so powerful almost nothing can live up to it, he asked, and that way we accumulate a whole stack of grievances –rodney hall, 1987.
7. a number of muskets or rifles hooked together to stand on the ground in a conical group.
8. Colloquial a combination of amplifiers and speaker boxes.
9. a measure for coal and wood, equal to 108 cubic feet or 3.06 cubic metres.
10. Aeronautics a number of aircraft circling at different altitudes above an aerodrome awaiting their signal to land.
11. Colloquial a motor vehicle accident, especially one involving a number of vehicles.
12. Building Trades a pipe which conveys sewage and sullage waste to drainage in the ground.
13. (plural) that part of a library in which the main holdings are kept and to which the general user is often denied access.
14. (plural) Colloquial a great amount.
verb (t)
15. to pile or arrange in a stack: to stack hay.
16. to place (rifles, etc.) in a stack.
17. to cover or load with something in stacks or piles.
18. to arrange (playing cards in the pack) in an unfair manner.
19. to bring a large number of one's own supporters to (a meeting) in order to outvote those of opposing views.
20. Aeronautics to control the aircraft waiting to land at an airport, so that they form a stack.
21. to crash (a motor vehicle, bicycle, etc.).
22. stack it on, Colloquial to exaggerate one's concern, grief, anger, etc.
23. stack on, Colloquial to start; instigate: stack on a blue.
24. stacks on the mill, (an exhortation for as many people as possible to gather.) {Phrase Origin: from a cry in a children's game, stacks on the mill, more on still, in which everyone piles on top of the child who is the chosen target}
25. stack up, to accumulate; add up: *we see it as a good opportunity to expand our small trusts management business, providing everything stacks up okay –west australian, 1992.
{Middle English stak, from Old Norse stakkr haystack}
stacker, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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